Rib Week

You may need a bib for this...

Your taste in ribs has a lot to do with where you call home. From bold or tangy dry rubs to thick and sweet tomato-based sauces, one thing is for certain - people love ribs! Take a tour of U.S. rib joints from right at home with this breakdown of how they’re famously prepared by region.

Try them all! Stop by your local store beginning April 17 for our very own Rib Week. We’ll be serving up rib specials ready for you to take home and share. Or, share your own recipe and tag #ribweek. Check back here for recipes and all things ribs!

  • Big Texas Style

    Don’t come between Texans and their brisket. Think bold, dry rubs with ingredients like coffee, paprika, cumin, black pepper, and garlic. It’s then smoked low and slow with wood chips for intense, big flavor.

    Texas Smoked Brisket

    Healthy Rib Rub Recipe


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  • Carolina BBQ

    Although it varies by region, Carolina barbecue is usually pulled or chopped pork that’s dry rubbed and smoked with oak or hickory chips. While the pork smokes it’s mopped with a yellow mustard and vinegar-spiced mixture referred to as Carolina Gold. In the western region of South Carolina is where you’ll find more tomato-based sauces.

    Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce Recipe


    Served up Memphis Style

    Two different dishes make up Memphis barbecue; wet or dry ribs, and chopped pork in a bun with coleslaw and sauce. Fun fact here, Memphians like to eat chopped pork with more traditional dishes such as spaghetti, on pizza, and in nachos.

    Memphis-Style Ribs

  • Kansas City Bound

    Folks in Kansas City like their barbecue with a variety of meats; mainly pork, beef, or sometimes lamb. Dry rubbed and smoked, ribs are usually served with french fries and a signature sauce is provided at the table. The sauces are mustard or vinegar based, with a spicer tang from cumin or celery salt; KC BBQ brings a sweetness to the table but should not to be confused with the thick and sweet KC Masterpiece branded BBQ sauce that bears little resemblance to authentic sauces of the region.

    Kansas City BBQ Sauce Recipe


  • Uniquely St. Louis

    In and around St. Louis, barbecue is primarily pork. A popular dish is pork steak sliced from the shoulder of the pig. Here you’ll see more grilling and less smoking of the meat. The sauce is a thick, sticky, tomato sauce on the sweeter side.

    Oven Baked Ribs Recipe

    STL BBQ Sauce Recipe