New Craft Beer (and One Surprise) You Should Try this Week


New Holland Brewing is one of West Michigan’s foremost breweries. They’re most known for their Dragon’s Milk stout, but their other brews have cemented their place in Michigan beer culture as one of the greats.  

In 2018, New Holland launched an expanded line of Dragons Milk, and a new fruit-forward IPA called Tangerine Space Machine. It’s been a year, but these newer varieties remain sensational with a kick of classic. They’re also included in our weekly beer sale, so if you haven’t gotten around to sampling these releases, now is your chance!  

Keep reading to learn more about some of our favorite releases from New Holland, plus a light, gluten-free option from a company that might surprise you. 

New Holland Dragon’s Milk 

Touted as the nation’s “#1 Bourbon-Barrel Aged Stout,” Dragon’s Milk is New Holland’s best-selling beer. With new limited release flavors available in addition to the classic original, the Dragon’s Milk legend endures.  

One of the factors that makes Dragon’s Milk so exceptional is how it’s aged in bourbon barrels. By law in the United States, oak bourbon barrels can only be used to cask bourbon once. With thousands of barrels of bourbon produced annually, this makes for a lot of extra barrels! Aging beer in bourbon barrels not only reuses an expensive byproduct, but the oak itself and the bourbon in the wood imparts amazing flavor in the beer. 

Try the Dragon’s Milk Reserve Line 

The expanded Dragon’s Milk line focuses on using real ingredients to give their beer unique flavors. The Orange Chocolate Dragon’s Milk, for example, uses real oranges, and the S’mores release uses real marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers.  

On sale this week are: 

  • New Holland Dragon's Milk, 4-pack bottle 
  • New Holland Dragon's Milk White Stout, 6-pack can 
  • New Holland Dragon's Milk Orange Chocolate, 4-pack bottle 

New Holland Tangerine Space Machine 

A new release in 2018, the Tangerine Space Machine New England IPA has quickly become a fan favorite. If you’re looking to taste a beer that’s fruit forward and light to brighten these winter months, look no further. 

What makes Tangerine Space Machine worth braving a winter trip to the grocery store? It’s a gentler take on the IPA experience. New England IPAs embrace hoppy flavor and smells without the aggressive bitterness that can make traditional IPAs more challenging to enjoy if you don’t care for bitter beer. New England IPAs often rely on tropical notes to balance the hops, and, true to form, the Tangerine Space Machine’s orange essence provides a welcome burst of Vitamin D. 

On sale this week, the New Holland Tangerine Space Machine 6-pack of cans. 

New Holland Mad Hatter 

Midwest IPAs are resolutely unique to the region they’re from, giving us beer drinkers the taste of place. Focusing on hop flavor is the backbone of the Midwest IPA; the beer itself is nothing flashy, but it finds its strength and sticks to it (much like the Midwest itself). As such, no two Midwest IPAs will be the same.  

If you’re looking to enjoy a brew that’s uniquely West Michigan, the Mad Hatter will do the trick. In addition to being brewed in West Michigan, Michigan-grown hops give this beer it’s unique hop flavor.  

First brewed in 1998, and then reimagined in 2015, Mad Hatter is a Midwest-style IPA bringing an effervescent hoppy flavor and floral aromatics to this local take on the classic IPA.  

Look for a six-pack of New Holland Mad Hatter cans, which are on sale this week.  

And Now for Something Completely Different… Pura Still Blackberry 

If you’re sticking with your New Year’s Resolution, want to avoid gluten, or just need to shake up your adult-beverage game (or even all three!), Pura Still Blackberry is the stuff dreams are made of.  

Pura Still is one of the first un-carbonated spiked waters on the market, and it’s already landing rave reviews. Billed as “still” spiked water with a slash of coconut and fruit, this refreshing drink is low in calories and sugar, yet high in satisfaction. Pura Still Blackberry is on sale in our stores, so there’s no better reason to pick up a six pack this week.