Beer That Goes Well with Seafood


Our Favorite Beer and Seafood Pairings

We all know that white wine pairs extremely well with seafood, but nothing washes down a delicious fish dinner quite like a frothy, foamy beer. This week, we’ve rounded up our favorite oat sodas to drink with seafood — plus some recommendations for enjoying your new favorite cold one. 

Amber Ale and Fish Tacos 

Drinking beer with fish tacos is probably the most iconic brew/seafood pairing around. Originating in Baja California, Mexico, fish tacos are made with light and flaky fish on warm corn tortillas topped with shredded cabbage, aioli, cilantro, onion, and salsa picante. The fish, which is typically sea bass, can be grilled or battered and deep fried.  

A citrusy, malty amber ale balances the smoky fish flavors without erasing them. Try New Belgium’s Fat Tire Amber Ale for a balanced hops and malt experience. If you like your salsa spicy, try a New England Pale Ale to add some sweet hoppiness to your meal. 

Sour Ale and Oysters 

Brewed on the Delaware coast, SeaQuench is a refreshing hybrid of Kolsch, Gose, and Berliner beers made specifically with seafood in mind. Due to its tart flavor and salty finish, our favorite way to enjoy SeaQuench is ice cold with fresh oysters. The citrus and salt in the beer make the saline oysters shine — a true treat. If there are no oysters to be had or you prefer your seafood fully cooked, SeaQuench pairs perfectly with grilled catfish. 

Northwest Pale Ale and Anchovies (on Pizza) 

Anchovies on pizza can be a divisive subject, but we believe that with the right beer, anchovy pizza can be tasty and divine. The ideal beer will stand up to the salty fish flavor of the anchovies and the rich cheesiness of the pizza. We like Deschutes Brewery’s Red Chair Northwest Pale Ale: hoppy and floral with a hint of malt, this beer is complex and bright — and perfect for a seafood slice. 

Belgian White Beer and Sushi 

In Japan, you would typically enjoy sushi with a low ABV rice beer. It’s hard to find rice beer in the U.S. without going to a specialty store, but luckily, there’s a more widely available substitute that delivers on all the things we love about rice beer. A crisp white ale with citrus notes — like Blue Moon’s Belgian White — works well with the ginger in the sushi and accentuates the freshness of the fish without overpowering its delicate flavors. 

Hefeweizen and Grilled Salmon 

Salmon is one of the most popular fish on the market and is also incredibly rich in healthy fats, which is why many nutritionists consider it a superfood. Our favorite way to enjoy honey- and soy-glazed grilled salmon is with a yeasty, fruity hefeweizen. The complex flavors complement the smoky saltiness of the soy and the sweetness of the honey without losing the distinct salmon flavor. Try it with Frankenmuth Brewery’s “The Hef” Hefeweizen.  

Pilsner and Fish and Chips 

Some of our favorite British late-night pub fare, fish and chips are battered and fried strips of white fish (usually cod or pollock) with a side of thick-cut fries. You’ll find them served with tartar sauce and lemon around the clock at hole-in-the-wall London eateries. On this side of the pond, our favorite beers to drink with fish and chips are as simple as the fish and chips themselves, such as Heineken — a true European classic.  

Farm Hand Ale and Tilapia 

Tilapia is one of the easiest and most popular fish to prepare at home. Oven roasting, pan frying, and even deep frying are all great ways to cook this light and flaky favorite. We recommend trying Brewery Vivant’s Farm Hand Ale with tilapia (prepared however you like). Farm Hand has a light body, is a just a little sweet, and is left unfiltered, resulting in a rustic cloudiness that’s ideal for tender tilapia. 

Bell’s Oberon Ale (On Sale This Week!) and Tuna Steaks 

Tuna steaks lack that signature canned tuna smell and are tender and refreshing in steak form. One of the firmer fish available, tuna has a hearty, steak-like texture but remains tender when cooked. Bell’s Oberon (our favorite summer beer) is smooth and has elements of wheat malt and citrus — textures and flavors that go nicely with tuna steaks. Even better, Bell’s Oberon is on sale this week in our stores.  

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